Bumper New Raffle

There's been lots going on what with one thing or another, but this week, or should I say next week when the live draw will actually take place, I have sorted out a brand new bumper raffle where losers can win as well as the winners, but you wont know what until the live draw takes place, (I love surprising people). Those who know me and have taken part in my previous raffles are familiar with me changing the criteria often, this keeps you all on your toes guessing what I'm up to next lol. This new bumper raffle is no different and I've added a few more surprises to it for this week.

Those who are new to the group, the details are:- its £1 per number paid into paypal coombssr@hotmail.com

If you haven't got paypal then please contact me for an alternative method.

The raffle details have to be on my blog because I have been reported many times for arranging it on the group.

This week it's been changed where if you buy 4 tickets you have the 5th ticket free. So its £1 a ticket or £4 for 5 tickets.

Numbers are randomly chosen by me this week due to the number of winner and loser prizes, but the winning numbers will be randomly drawn live on Tuesday at 7pm.

Pictures of the prizes will be posted shortly on the group, can you please post your number of tickets on the group only because I can't check both the website blog and the group posts concerning your


I hope this explains everything or please message me if you need further clarification. Thank you Sue x

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