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Listing tomorrow sub Adult Soroas half price.. members only

Hi all, with my new species arriving tomorrow I'm am sorting out my sub adults, which I was keeping back because most of them are Cuba/Soroa, I bred them first. My normals are still a bit young because 1. I've sold them the most and 2. most of them was sold on eBay so it did leave me rather short. But I'm going to list my sub adults Soroa's at a fraction of the price hopefully tomorrow when I finish work or it will be wednesday on my day off. Please be aware I do breed parrots which also take a lot of my time up as well as my shop. I really can't stress this enough. But my aim is always to bring you the best jumpers at a reasonable price ( they breed hundreds when they breed and I will never take the Micky), my thrill is actually in breeding them. However, I can't sell on Facebook, it's not allowed, so please join my website to see and purchase my latest jumpers available, now I got my new camera and a very talented photographer, your spiders will be individually photographed. Here's a pic as an example of the sub Adult Soroas im listing on the website

Ps...and it's not because I'm's because I have other responsibilities just as important as my Jumpers

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